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Based in Southern California, co-founded by Reine Krief, owner and designer of BijouRocks, and Michael Krief, president of Krief Design Studio LLC, Wrapton is the result of two generations of accumulated experience in both the footwear and fashion industries. A foundation of years of research and design for several brands with worldwide distribution and a shift in the market towards sustainability prompted the husband and wife design team to fill the need for eco-friendly leather shoes that look good, feel great and won’t break the bank. Wrapton was born of love, respect and tradition.

Established in 2021, after a false start in 2019 and the subsequent pandemic, Wrapton footwear was finally realized from Reine's inspiration of aesthetic, color, and texture, and Michael’s expertise in footwear design and production. Together they created elevated Euro-comfort, luxurious eco-friendly leather shoes, made in the hills of Portugal.

Today, Wrapton shares a beautiful creative space with BijouRocks, located in the arts district of Solana Beach, California. The shop and showroom showcases the latest collections, serves as a space for private events and a gallery for fine art exhibits.



Raised in Montreal, Canada, both Reine & Michael have built independent careers in fashion and footwear. Reine studied and worked extensively in the fashion industry and Michael, a second generation expert in footwear design and production, is also a sought-after working artist. Eventually, together they worked and created many collections for several brands and private labels.

When an opportunity to move to California presented itself, Reine and Michael did not hesitate. Armed with determination, they made the international move with their four children in tow, despite the knowledge that starting over in a new country would pose exciting challenges, both professionally and personally.
“I am constantly learning and evolving - art is the manifestation.” - Michael Krief
"Making, creating, designing – it all makes me happy. I'd like to share that with the world." - Reine Krief.


After all these years!  © 2019, Michael Krief