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Walk This Way, the motto we settled on to represent the spirit of the Wrapton brand. It is the perfect metaphor that resonates with us at the core in so many ways.  Born of love, experience and tradition, so much went into the realization of the concept we lovingly call, “Wrapton”.  

After a first failed attempt to distribute our luxury comfort shoes and conform to the norms of the footwear industry, we set out to carve out a path to disrupt the industry standards as we knew it.  We wanted to transcend the boundaries imposed by big business and instead take inspiration from the crowd-funding industry and appeal directly to a broader, wider audience, the people.

Ultimately, our concept of sustainable designer shoes would embrace comfort, ease and simplicity.  We set out to create elevated yet simple quality shoes with ecologically friendly materials including luxurious leathers, instep with the shift toward sustainability.  We chose a mission to plant trees, in partnership with One Tree Planted, to offset any carbon footprint we may unknowingly incur.  We then decided to move our development from Asia to Europe, back to where expert shoemakers are a family’s legacy, and found a small family-owned factory to work with us on development and production.

Our work was not over. On the contrary, that was just the beginning.  We were then faced with the daunting task of reaching the public and carving out our own niche.  One that would represent a community of supporters and a foundation for us to build on.  After a few months of ad testing and lots of adjustments, today, we are on the way to achieving that goal.  We are very happy with the response we got so far and for the reservations of our luxury comfort shoes we accumulated.  Now, in coordination with the launch of our new website, we are fulfilling our first orders of our first sustainable all-leather, Ready-to-Ship shoes, the On Point Palomino, ballet flats, in two colors.  In addition, we are offering an on-demand option to Pre-Order more styles, a choice of eco-friendly leather materials and colors to be shipped at a later date.  We are excited about the new developments in the works and the future. 

Walk This Way. Join our Wrapton community!

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